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from the 26th to the 30th of August

Madrid Oviedo 796,7km

#RetoChagas 2018

Join Chema Martínez and his team and help fight Chagas disease!

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Our mission:
Wipe out Chagas disease.

Every year, a team headed up by athlete Chema Martínez cycles across Spain, notching up kilometres to help fight Chagas disease.

The idea of the initiative is to raise awareness of Chagas disease and support the Mundo Sano Foundation in its efforts to combat the illness.

So far, we’ve pedalled 2,420 kilometres to fight Chagas.


Get on board!

Help us raise awareness of Chagas disease by sharing the hashtag #RetoChagas on social media.

Share #RetoChagas on = Energy for the team = Donate to Mundo Sano


Every time someone shares the hashtag #RetoChagas, the team gets a burst of energy to help them on their way.

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Battery charged

If the battery is not charged, the team will stop pedalling, and the battle against Chagas will be lost.

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Km against Chagas

If the team completes the challenge successfully, the Mundo Sano Foundation will receive a donation of 100.000€ from Insud Pharma.

Team’s route direct

Madrid Oviedo / 796,7 km

View the team’s route on a map

Completing 796,7km


donation to Mundo Sano

797km / 100.000€

26th august




27th august




28th august




29th august



La Robellada

30th august


La Robellada


The Team

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Chema Martínez

An athlete by trade and by passion.

"Nothing gives you as much energy as believing in yourself"

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Leandro Sigman

“Constantly seeking innovation and tough challenges”

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Lucas Sigman

"Huge fan of watching all sports, keen runner and cyclist"

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Mariano Sigman

"It’s best to leave the big decisions in life to the unconscious mind"

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Fernando Cano

"An entire life on two wheels"

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Oliver de la Fuente

“Triathlete and Ironman”

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Fermin Ferrán

“I love sport, especially ultra trail”

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Juancho Navarro

"Hooked on open water and trail running"

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Emilio Rodríguez

"My “turning-40 crisis" got me moving and I haven’t stopped since”

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Abel Prudencio Cervantes

“Cycling is my number one passion”

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Juan Picón

“Originally a runner, recycled as a cyclist”

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Gastón Díaz

“I’m hooked on adrenaline and sport - cycling is my latest challenge”

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Luis Pasamontes

"Leader of my own life; gregarious in the lives of others"

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Oswaldo Rivera

“My passion? The mountains…”

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German Sember

“Ready for anything”

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Edmund Carey

"Discovering new challenges"

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Gustavo Scandolo

“Life is what you make it”

Come along to a training session!

Throughout the course of the trip, Chema Martínez will be offering a series of training sessions in different cities on the route. Come along and support the cause!

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Beating Chagas disease

The Mundo Sano Foundation is committed to improving the health of people who are exposed to neglected diseases.

Chagas disease is caused by a parasite which affects over 7 million people worldwide, especially in Latin America.

Since 1993, the Foundation has been undertaking research and rolling out projects to raise awareness of these neglected diseases and improve prevention and control measures.
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Our Commitment

That all pregnant women and women of childbearing age, and all babies born to infected mothers, have access to diagnosis and treatment.

Every hour, a baby is born somewhere in the world with Chagas disease. It is not contagious from person to person, but can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy. This illness, which is endemic in 21 countries in Latin America, impacts sufferers across the globe, and is highly prevalent in the US and Spain.

The traumatic human and social impact of this disease is in stark contrast with the simple, economical, non-invasive diagnosis and treatment available. Even when screening and treatment is regulatory and legally mandatory, the prevalent false notion that the disease has been overcome means that it is crucial for us to convey the true reality.

We hope you will stand by us in our commitment. Babies who get treatment get better; we want to make sure not one more child suffers from Chagas disease.

#RetoChagas 2017

750 km

Madrid - Lisboa